Arnold F. Shapiro

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Risk Management, Emeritus Professor

Department Risk Management
Office Address 359 Business Building
Phone Number 814-865-3961
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Ph D, Applied Business and Economics, University of Pennsylvania, 1975

Courses Taught

INS 494H (99.9)
Supervised student activities on research projects identified on an individual or small-group basis.

INS 411 (3)
A study of the mathematical theory of life contingencies; single-life functions and their applications.

INS 412 (3)
Joint-life and survivor-life functions, population life tables, and multiple decrement theory, with applications to disability and retirement problems.

INS 410 (3)
Compound interest and annuity functions; equations of value; determination of yield rates; construction of tables.

INS 395 (99.9)
Supervised off-campus, nongroup instruction including field experiences, practica, or internships. Written and oral critique of activity required.

Selected Publications

Shapiro A. F., "Fuzzy random variables." Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, vol. 44, no. 2, 2009, pp. 307-314.
Shapiro A. F., Koissi M. C., "Extensions of the Lee-Carter method and applications to life insurance mortality models." Actuarial Research Clearing House, 2009, pp. 1-32.
Shapiro A. F., Koissi M. C., "Fuzzy regression and the term structure of interest rates-A least squares approach." Actuarial Research Clearing House, 2009, pp. 1-28.
Shapiro A. F., "A Fuzzy Random Variable Primer." Actuarial Research Clearing House, (Actuarial Research Clearing House), 2008, pp. 1-14.
Shapiro A. F., "An overview of insurance uses of fuzzy logic." Computational Intelligence in Economics and Finance, (Springer-Verlag), 2007, pp. 25-61.