Aydin Alptekinoglu

Color portrait of Aydin Alptekinoglu

Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management, Robert G. Schwartz University Endowed Fellow in Business Administration, Director of Research of Center for Supply Chain Research

Department Supply Chain & Information Systems
Office Address 483 Business Building
Phone Number 814-867-4795
Email Address aydin@psu.edu

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Dr. Alptekinoğlu received his Ph.D. in Operations Management from the UCLA Anderson School of Management in 2004. Prior to joining Smeal in 2013, he held faculty positions at University of Florida and Southern Methodist University. His broad research interests involve three elements of product strategy: Variety, price, and availability.


(1) Variety: mass customization, retail assortment planning, multiproduct competition, post-purchase variety. (2) Price: advance selling, pricing service capacity, product-line pricing. (3) Availability: inventory pooling, inventory competition.


Ph D, Operations Management, UCLA, 2004

MS, Industrial Engineering, University of Arizona, 1996

BS, Industrial Engineering, Bilkent University, 1993

Courses Taught

Selected Publications

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[Finalist in the 2003 MSOM Society Student Paper Competition; extended abstract published in M&SOM 6 (1) 98-103.].
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Production and Operations Management, Associate Editor, March 2018 - Present
Decision Sciences, Associate Editor, November 2017 - Present
Production and Operations Management, Editorial Board, August 2015 - March 2018