Cheryl Horten

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Education Program Specialist 3, Professional Graduate Programs and Executive Education

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Courses Taught

BAN 840 – Predictive Analytics for Bus (3)
BAN 840 explores the use of predictive analytics tools and techniques throughout a wide range of business scenarios and problems. Initially focusing on the application of traditional predictive analytics techniques to answer the question, "What will happen in the future?", the course provides opportunities for students to apply regression and forecasting techniques to data from various business contexts to inform business leaders┬┐ decision. Later, students explore various software applications and techniques for acquiring, preparing, and analyzing "big data", recognizing and taking advantage of the exponential growth in the amount of structured and unstructured data generated by and available to businesses. The course next examines cutting-edge techniques gaining increased attention among analytics experts, including data mining, text analytics, and social media analytics. Finally, students will be given an overview of the future of predictive analytics, developing an awareness of artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts, such as neural networks, to help them advance their organizations┬┐ business analytics capabilities. Software packages, concepts, and business applications will vary and evolve to keep pace with technology, theory, and instructor interests.

MBADM 813 – Data Analysis (3)
Applying statistical concepts to quantify uncertainty and gain insights from data in business settings.This course is designed to provide students with an exposure to the most commonly used statistical concepts, methods, and techniques, and their applications to business problems. The course covers the basic concepts of business statistics and data analysis using appropriate statistical software. The course emphasizes practical applications and business decision-making under uncertainty.