Chelsea C. Hammond

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Assistant Clinical Professor

Department Marketing
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Ph D, Communication Science, University of Connecticut, 2009

Courses Taught

Examining strategic issues in global marketing, including opportunity analysis, planning, and implementation.This is a comprehensive marketing management course examining strategic issues in marketing. The areas of analysis, planning, implementation, and control of marketing activities and processes are examined. Marketing is presented as more than a business function; but rather, a philosophy of doing business. The main emphases of the course are on market assessment and measurement; analysis of consumer and business markets and buyer behavior; competitive marketing strategies; market segmentation, target marketing, and positioning strategy; product development and commercialization; pricing; channels of distribution; and communication and promotion strategies. The course uses a combination of readings, online discussions, presentations, group projects and a comprehensive simulation to help students not only gain a broad understanding of marketing strategies but also acquire hands-on experience in taking control of an enterprise operation involving marketing, production, and financial decision making at both strategic and tactic levels.

This capstone course provides students the opportunity to integrate the foundational skills learned throughout the Master's program needed to deal with disparate marketing data sources which are common in data-driven marketing analytics. The course will be a culminating experience and will build on what students have learned about the marketing analytics process by studying current research and theoretical frameworks in the field of data visualization and integration in Marketing. Next, the course will show students how to apply the marketing analytics processes for marketing data collection, data integration, data visualization, and the creation and dissemination of marketing-related managerial insights.

MKTG 814 prepares students to apply marketing data analytics in support of brand and product success. The course familiarizes students with analytics for brand and product positioning, brand equity and loyalty, price optimization, and enhancing the customer experience. Special emphasis is placed on data visualization and communicating data insights in ways meaningful for strategic business application.

Data-driven marketing is essential for today's business success. MKTG 811 prepares students with the fundamental skills to successfully leverage marketing data in business decision making and strategy. Students will learn how to map data to marketing challenges, apply basic statistics to marketing analyses, report results in meaningful ways, and support organizations in effectively leveraging marketing data. Special emphasis is given to translating data into meaningful and actionable business insights. This course does not assume any prior knowledge in statistics.

Selected Publication

Stokes T., Strohmenger R., "Measure Brand Resonance With The TRUE Brand Compass." 2014

Research Impact and Media Mentions

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