John Langley

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Clinical Professor

Department Supply Chain & Information Systems
Office Address 454 Business Building
Phone Number 814-865-1866
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Supply chain faculty positions at three major universities; previous experience on several public and private corporate boards; research and publications.


Supply chain strategy; outsourcing of logistics and supply chain services; supply chain analytics


Ph D, Business Logistics and Transportation (Econometrics, Quantitatitive Business Analysis), The Pennsylvania State University, 1974

MBA, Finance, The Pennsylvania State University, 1969

BS, Mathematics (B.S.), The Pennsylvania State University, 1967

Courses Taught

SCM 301 – Sup Chn Mgt (3)
Management of logistics/supply chain processes. Not available to baccalaureate business students in Smeal. Not available to baccalaureate business students in Smeal.

SCM 860 – Supply Chain Transformation (3)
Strategic supply chain transformation and innovation with emphasis on (re)configuration of key capabilities to achieve competitive advantages. SCM 860 Supply Chain Transformation and Innovation (4) This course focuses on strategic supply chain transformation, innovation, and organizational change. The course examines current issues and best practices with respect to supply chain strategy; value creation through design and redesign of supply chain capabilities; transformational outsourcing; supply chain role in new product design, development, and market introduction; technology adoption; and change management. Supply chain transformation initiatives offer firms great potential for improving profitability and competitive positioning, both within the market and within the supply chain. Because sustainable competitive advantage is not found in one set of supply chain capabilities, strategic transformations must constantly assemble and reassemble the key capabilities that give the firm and its supply chain successive temporary advantages. This assembling or redesigning of capabilities chains should be an on-going process as the most significant value producing capabilities in any given industry change over time. The ability to consistently assemble the set of capabilities that produce competitive advantages is what some refer to as the ultimate core capability.After completing this course, students should have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to:1. Articulate the meaning of competitive strategy in the context of transformation of supply chain capabilities chains. 2. Understand value creation through transformation of supply chain capabilities over time. 3. Identify the supply chain structure that is appropriate for various business situations 4. Examine the development of essential elements of rapid response supply chain capabilities 5. Understand the conditions under which functional activities, such as, manufacturing, product design, and new concept development, are amenable to outsourcing 6. Assess operational and strategic challenges of vertical integration and outsourcing and in particular, highlight the nature of the strategic tension created by supplier decisions to integrate vertically into capabilities previously performed by critical customers 7. Articulate the role of supply chain transformation in support of new product development 8. Identify ways to organize and lead change in organizationsThe evaluation of students is based on individual and team case study submissions, short paper and problem assignments, on-line discussion postings, and peer reviews.This prescribed course in the on-line Master of Professional Studies in Supply Chain Management (MPS/SCM) os the capstone course taken in the second year of study that integrates previous topics.

Selected Publications

Langley J., "The "Last Yard"." 2018
Langley J., "2018 22nd Annual Third Party Logistics Study." 2017
Langley J., "Pennsylvania Proposal to Remove Sales and Use Tax Exemption on Commercial Warehousing and Storage Services." 2017
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download available at
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download available at
Langley J., "2014 18th Annual Third Party Logistics Study."
Annual study of use of third party logistics services


South African Journal of Transportation and Supply Chain Management, Editorial Board, January 2010 - December 2013
member, Editorial Advisory Board
DC Velocity, January 2009 - Present
Supply Chain Quarterly, Editorial Board, January 2009 - Present
member, Editorial Advisory Board
International Journal of Logistics Management, Editorial Board, January 1990 - Present
Member - Editorial Advisory Board
Journal of Business Logistics, January 1985 - Present
Member - Editorial Advisory Board