Carolyn T. Dang

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Assistant Professor, Cook Fellow in Ethics

Department Management and Organization
Office Address 449 Business Building
Phone Number 814-865-2602
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Ph D, Organizational Behavior (Research Methods), University of Washington, 2014

BA, Social Psychology, University of Chicago, 2006

Courses Taught

MGMT 355 – Lead and Chg in Org (3)
This course focuses on concerns with understanding yourself as a leader in organizations-especially organizations undergoing change.

MGMT 326 – Org Beh and Design (3)
Concepts, theories, and methods of managing people and designing organizations. MGMT 326 Organizational Behavior and Design (3) This introductory course covers the concepts, theories, and methods of managing people and designing organizations. Issues and challenges of managing at different organizational levels (individual, group, project, and total organization) are discussed and illustrated with real-world examples. Students learn about the latest means of designing high-performing organizations, including how to change an organization. This course will serve as a foundation for taking advanced management courses. The primary method of evaluation is an examination after each of the four major parts of the course, but class participation and short papers may also be used for evaluation.

Selected Publications

Dang C., Umphress E. E., Mitchell M. S., "Leader social accounts of subordinates’ unethical behavior: Examining observer reactions to leader social accounts with moral disengagement language." Journal of Applied Psychology, 2017.
Reynolds S. J., Dang C., "Are the "customers” of business ethics courses satisfied? An examination of one source of business ethics education legitimacy." Business & Society, 2015.
Barnes C., Dang C., Leavitt K., Guarana C., Uhlmann E., "Archival data in micro-organizational research: A toolkit for moving to a broader set of topics." Journal of Management, 2015.
Fehr R., Yam K., Dang C., "Moralized leadership: The construction and consequences of ethical leader perceptions." Academy of Management Review, 2015.
Reynolds S. J., Dang C., Yam K., Leavitt K., "The role of moral knowledge in everyday immorality: What does it matter if I know what is right?." Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 2014.
Chen X., Dang C., Keng-Highberger F., "Broadening the motivation to cooperate: Revisiting the role of sanctions in social dilemmas." 2014.
Reynolds S. J., Dang C., "Should every manager become a Kantian? The empirical evidence and normative implications of the Kantian personality in organizations." 2012.