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BLAW 444 – Advanced Ucc (3)
All articles of the Uniform Commercial Code, banking relationships, debtor- creditor law, and bankruptcy law. B LAW 444B LAW 444 Advanced UCC and Commercial Transactions (3) This course is designed to: (1) provide the student with a systematic study of the laws governing sales transactions, the instruments for financing those transactions and rights and liabilities of debtors and creditors (the Uniform Commercial Code governs these issues); (2) to explore current trends in the law affecting commercial transactions; (3) to develop further the student's legal reasoning processes; (4) to enhance the student's ability to identify legal issues from the business decision maker's and financial auditor's perspectives. Instructional methods will include lectures, readings, multimedia content, and class discussions. Student progress and mastery of the material will be evaluated through periodic examinations. Some state C.P.A. Boards require completion of this course as a prerequisite to obtaining certification as a public accountant. Completion of the course will be credited toward fulfillment of the requirements for the Legal Environment of Business Minor.

B A 242 – Social and Ethical Environment of Business (2)
Explores the social and ethical environment of business and ethical decision making in a business context.

B A 243 – Social, Legal, and Ethical Environment of Business (4)
Explores the ethical, political, social, legal and regulatory, technological, and demographic diversity environment of business. A student may not receive credit toward graduation for both B LAW 243 and B A 243.

B A 241 – Legal Environment of Business (2)
Examines the legal system's role and impact regarding business transactions, liability issues, and ownership of intellectual property. Students earning credit for B A 241 may not earn credit toward Smeal College baccalaureate degree for B Law 243 and/or B