Jason Acimovic

Color portrait of Jason Acimovic

Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management

Department Supply Chain & Information Systems
Office Address 462 Business Building
Phone Number 814-865-1866
Email Address jaa26@psu.edu

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Ph D, Operations Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2012

BS, Physics, Yale University, 1999

Courses Taught

SCM 421 – Sc Analytics (3)
Models and Methodologies for supply chain analysis. SCM 421 Supply Chain Analytics (3) This course provides a spreadsheet-based, example-driven approach to learn about important supply chain models, problems, and solution methodologies. The objectives of this course are: (1) to develop valuable modeling skills that students can appreciate and use effectively in their careers (2) reinforce and enrich your understanding of supply chain theories, principles, and concepts studied previously in foundation courses. Student evaluation is based on: (1) individual and team group performance on problem-based exercises (2) individual performance on examinations (3) class participation.

SCM 566 – Demand Fulfillment (2)
Demand fulfillment strategies, operations, and methods in supply chain networks.

SCM 496 – Independent Studies (3)
Creative projects, including research and design, that are supervised on an individual basis and that fall outside the scope of formal courses.

Selected Publications

Rothkopf A., Acimovic J., Goentzel J., "The impact of transportation capacity in prepositioning humanitarian supplies." Decision Sciences Journal, 2023
Balasubramanian K., Drake D., Acimovic J., Fearing D., "Mobile money operations: Policies for managing cash and digital currency inventories in the developing world." Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 2023
Acimovic J., Parker C., Drake D., Balasubramanian K., "Show or tell? Improving inventory support for agent-based businesses at the base of the pyramid." Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 2020, doi.org/10.1287/msom.2020.0922
(INFORMS Public Sector Operations Research Best Paper Award, second place, 2019.)
Acimovic J., Farias V. F., "The fulfillment-optimization problem.." (INFORMS), 2019
Hu K., Acimovic J., Erize F., Thomas D. J., Van Mieghem J., "Forecasting new product life cycle curves: Practical approach and empirical analysis." Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, vol. 21, no. 1, 2019, pp. 66-85
(M&SOM Practice-Based Research Competition, finalist, 2017.)
Acimovic J., Erize F., Hu K., Thomas D. J., Van Mieghem J., "Product life cycle data-set: Raw and cleaned data of weekly orders for personal computers." Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, vol. 21, no. 1, 2019, pp. 171-176
(Publication of a data-set.)
Acimovic J., Lim M. K., Mak H., "Moving beyond the speed-price trade-off." MIT Sloan Management Review, 2018, pp. 13-15, sloanreview.mit.edu/article/beyond-the-speed-price-trade-off/
(May 8)
Acimovic J., Graves S. C., "Mitigating spillover in online retailing via replenishment." Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, vol. 19, no. 3, 2017, pp. 419-436
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Acimovic J., Graves S. C., "Making better fulfillment decisions on the fly in an online retail environment." Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, vol. 17, no. 1, 2015, pp. 34-51
(M&SOM Best Paper Award, winner, 2017.)
Fearing D., Acimovic J., Graves S. C., "How to catch a Tiger: Understanding putting performance on the PGA TOUR." Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports, vol. 7, no. 1, 2010, pp. Article 5, pp1-45
Grober R. D., Acimovic J., Schuck J., Kindlemann P. J., Hespanha J., Morse A. S., Karrai K., Tiemann I., Manus S., "Fundamental limits to force detection using quartz tuning forks." Review of Scientific Instruments, vol. 71, no. 7, 2000, pp. 2776-2780

Research Impact and Media Mentions

"Mobilizing Money", Science Node, Internet, sciencenode.org/feature/Mobilizing%20money.php
"Inventory pooling could be next big thing for e-commerce", Distribution Center Management, Journal or Magazine, www.DistributionGroup.com
"Crunch Time: The state of stats in golf", Golf World, Journal or Magazine
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Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Associate Editor, March 2024 - Present
JOM (Journal of Operations Management), Editorial Board, (onlinelibrary.wiley.com/page/journal/18731317/homepage/editorial-board), January 2016 - January 2024
POM (Production and Operations Management), Editorial Board, (www.poms.org/journal/review_board/), December 2015 - Present
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