John C. Powell

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Director of the Sports Business Program

Department Marketing
Office Address 432 Business Building
Phone Number 814-574-9211
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MBA, Marketing, University of Pennsylvania, 1967

BA, Advertising, Penn State University, 1965

Courses Taught

MKTG 443 – Sports Mktg (3)
This course will focus on how companies develop, execute and measure marketing strategies and tactics to use sports teams, familities, leagues and other organizations to market their products and services domestically and internationally to consumers and business partners. The course will examine the marketing strategies employed by sports teams and leagues. MKTG 443 Sports Marketing (3)"Sports Marketing" is designed to explore how various types of businesses and other organizations market products and/or service related to sports as well as how sports are used as marketing platforms for non-sports products. Unique aspects of the sports business will be explored including how strategies and tactics related to marketing in this sector differs from other industries. The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of various aspects of sports marketing. This will include the use of sports as a marketing tool for other products, the marketing of sports products and emerging considerations that are relevant for both marketing through and the marketing of sports. Since sports involves consumers, businesses and other organizations, this courses will cover B2C as well as B2B marketing.How product, distribution, pricing and promotional programs are developed particular to this industry will be one of the primary focuses. Relationship marketing, the role of technology, sponsorships, ambush marketing, partnership leveraging, endorsements, venue naming rights, licensing and emerging legal and ethical issues will also be important focuses. A guest speaker series will provide additional professional perspectives on a variety of unique aspects of marketing particular to sports. Reading Sports Business Journal, the most highly regarded source of news by sports industry employees, will further expand this knowledge base as will current news events related to the industry. Students will be provided an opportunity to network with guest speakers and those interested in considering sports among their job search, will also be able to receive internship and career counseling from the instructional team. Students enrolled in this class will also be able to submit resumes and requests to be interviewed for internships with various sports organizations being arranged in cooperation with the Smeal Collage Corporate and Career Services Office. Students will apply what is being learned in the class to the development of a project related to sports marketing, with the added benefit of having a deliverable which can be used to further the search for jobs and/or internships in the sports business.

MKTG 494H – Research Project (Variable)
Supervised student activities on research projects identified on an individual or small-group basis.

EMET 430 – Programmable Logic Controls II (3)
A second course in PLCs covering sequencing/shift instructions, program flow control, data and math instructions, PID loops, and machine communication.