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Associate Professor, Associate Dean of Office of International Programs, Program Chair

Department Risk Management
Office Address 389B Business Building
Phone Number 814-863-1947
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Jeffery M. Sharp serves as The Smeal College’s Associate Dean for International Programs. His responsible areas include Smeal’s faculty led study abroad programs, the study abroad advising directors, serving as the college’s liaison to the university’s Office of Global Programs and coordinating with the university’s partner programs in other nations.

From 2013 to 2017, he served five graduating classes as Smeal's Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education. Associate Dean Sharp has published numerous articles and papers on business law subjects, including bankruptcy, commercial transactions, property rights, environmental law, and banking. His research on the impact of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act on the educational community was named the 2002-2003 winner of the Ralph C. Hoeber Award by the Academy of Legal Studies in Business. In 2013, he became the second Smeal College faculty member to receive the university’s highest overall teaching award, being named a Penn State Teaching Fellow. With a career committed to teaching excellence, he has been recognized by the university, the Smeal College and his research academy colleagues with awards that include the 2003 Milton S. Eisenhower Award for Distinguished Teaching; Master Teacher by the Academy of Legal Studies in Business (2003); the Smeal College’s annual Fred Brand Award for Outstanding Teaching (1992, 2000, 2006) and named a Paiste Teaching and Learning Fellow in 2011.


Digital Copyrights. Property Rights. Debtor-Creditor Relations (including Bankruptcy). Environmental Law.


JD, Commercial Law Emphasis, University of Oklahoma College of Law

MBA, Finance Emphasis, University of Oklahoma - Price College of Business

BBA, Finance, University of Oklahoma - Price College of Business

Courses Taught

Selected Publications

Sharp J. M., Coming Soon to Pay-Per-View: How the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Enables Digital Content Owners to Circumvent Educational Fair Use, vol. Vol. 40, no. 1, 2002, pp. 1-81
This article was selected The 2003 Hoeber Memorial Award for the Outstanding Article in the ALBJ, the ALSB’s highest research honor..
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primary author.
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Research Impact and Media Mention

"Intellectual Property", Harrisburg Patriot-News, Newspaper


Real Estate Law Journal, Co-Editor, January 1999 - January 2002
American Business Law Journal, Subject Matter Editor, January 1995 - January 1998