Jess Cornaggia

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Department Finance
Office Address 311 Business Building
Phone Number 814-863-2390
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Ph D, University of Texas at Dallas, 2009

Courses Taught

FIN 407 – Mult Fin Mgmt (3)
Analysis of the international aspects of managerial finance; emphasis on the impact of the international financial environment on firm operations.

Selected Publications

Cornaggia J., Cornaggia K., Israelsen R., "Credit Ratings and the Cost of Municipal Financing." Review of Financial Studies, vol. 31, no. 6, 2018, pp. 2038-2079.
Cornaggia J., Li J., "The Value of Access to Finance: Evidence from M&A." Journal of Financial Economics, 2017, pp. 131 (1) 232-250.
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Research Impact and Media Mentions

"Editor's Blog", Review of Finance, Journal or Magazine
"Lure of Wall Street Cash Said to Skew Credit Ratings", Bloomberg, Web


Journal of Banking and Finance, Associate Editor, (, June 2016 - Present
Management Science, Associate Editor, (, January 2016 - Present