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Assistant Professor in Supply Chain & Information Systems

Department Supply Chain & Information Systems

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Johanna Amaya is Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management. Prior to joining Smeal, she served as Faculty at Iowa State University. She has studies in Transportation Engineering, Business Logistics, and Industrial Engineering. Her research interests include urban freight systems and disaster response logistics.


- Disaster Response Logistics
- Urban Freight Systems
- Urban logistics
- Resilient Supply Chains


PhD in Transportation Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2016

M.Sc. in Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Florida, 2009

Especialist in Business Logistics, Universidad del Norte, 2004

B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Universidad del Norte, 2002

Courses Taught

SCM 404 – Dem Fulfil (3)
Analysis of demand fulfillment and the role of distribution operations management in the supply chain. SCM 404 Demand Fulfillment (3)This course introduces the student to how customer demand is managed and how subsequent orders are filled in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets. Topics focus on the demand fulfillment process, which encompasses flows of goods, information, and funds from the moment a business receives an order from a customer until all requirements for the order are satisfied in full. These topics include: *role of demand management and distribution operations in the supply chain*transportation management*distribution center processes *inventory control and order management elements*facility costing and productivity analysis*strategic demand management and distribution operations issues in the supply chain.Both theoretical and quantitative perspectives will be offered on these topics. Additionally, each topic will be addressed from strategic and financial perspectives. After completing this course, students will have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to: *Explain the role of demand management in the supply chain*Explain the role of distribution operations in demand management*Determine the strategic and financial impacts of demand management and distribution operations management*Articulate the role of information systems in demand management and distribution operations management*Use quantitative techniques to analyze supply chain processes*Describe related system software. This is one of three prescribed foundation courses for the Supply Chain and Information Systems major for which SCM 301 Supply Chain Management is a prerequisite. This course also satisfies the prerequisite for SCM 421 Supply Chain Modeling and Analysis. Student evaluations are based on individual and group homework assignments and computer-lab exercises, as well as on at least three written examinations.

SCM 461 – Principles of Transportation (3)
Transportation is an essential component of business, so SCM461 is designed to give students an understanding of the economic, operating, and service characteristics of the various modes of transportation. Special attention is given to factors that influence transport demand, costs, market structures, carrier pricing, and carrier operating and service characteristics and their influence on other supply chain costs and overall supply chain performance.

SCM 460 – Decision Tools for Logistics and Operations Management (3)
SCM 460 is a course designed to give students the knowledge and experience of quantitative problem solving in logistics and operations management. Attention is given to problems such as transportation and network planning, inventory decision making, facility location planning, and vehicle routing.

000 – Humanitarian Logistics
This intensive one-week course on Disaster Response and Humanitarian Logistics explores the application of logistics and supply chain management principles to post-disaster humanitarian crises. The course highlights the contributions to disaster research from economics, engineering and the social sciences. The course covers:
The fundamentals of the cycle of emergency management with special emphasis on the differences between disasters and catastrophes;
Key lessons from fieldwork research;
Examples of different institutions involved in humanitarian logistics both in the United States and overseas, and;
The latest contributions to the field from practitioners and academia.
Class sessions combine interactive presentations and discussions of case studies.

Selected Publications

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Research Impact and Media Mentions

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