Jingchuan Pu

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Assistant Professor

Department Supply Chain & Information Systems
Office Address 461 Business Building
Email Address pujc@psu.edu

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Jingchuan Pu is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Supply Chain and Information Systems at Smeal College of Business, the Pennsylvania State University. He received his Ph.D. in Information Systems and Operations Management from Warrington College of Business, the University of Florida.


Social Media (both public and corporate), E-commerce


Ph D, Information Systems, University of Florida, 2019

MA, Information Systems, Harbin Institute of Technology, 2014

BA, Information Systems, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, 2012

Courses Taught

MIS 441 – Bus Intelligence (3)
Application of Information Technology based methods and tools to analyze business data and support decision making. MIS 441 Business Intelligence for Decision Making (3) Business intelligence encompasses the IT tools for exploring, analyzing, integrating, and reporting business data for fact-based, intelligent decision making. This course primarily investigates methods and tools for exploring and analyzing large amounts of business data also called "Big Data." Learning methods emphasize active learning in the application of methods and tools to real data and the presentation of the results. Students will be exposed to a variety of methods for analyzing both structured and unstructured data and they will work with business data sets to understand the value that can be extracted from large data sets. They will also learn how to classify and associate data to discover business rules that can be used to support decision making. The course will also cover methods to analyze social media information and about tools that can facilitate such analysis and discovery. Again they will get a chance to work with data from real social networks to gain an appreciation of how value can be obtained from such networks. Finally, they will learn about techniques for visualizing, presenting and communicating information in a useful way, e.g. through dashboards and with other technologies on various platforms.

Selected Publications

Pu J., Liu Y., Chen Y., Qiu L., Cheng H. K., "What Questions Are You Inclined to Answer? Effects of Hierarchy in Corporate Q&A Communities." Information Systems Research, 2021
Pu J., "Do Online Communities Improve Job Performance in the Geographically Dispersed Organization?." Production and Operations Management, 2021
Pu J., Nian T., Qiu L., Cheng H. K., "Platform Policies and Sellers’ Competition in Agency Selling in the Presence of Online Quality Misrepresentation." Journal of Management Information Systems, 2021
Ding Y., Tu Y., Pu J., Qiu L., "Environmental Factors in Operations Management: Impact of Air Quality on Product Demand." Production and Operations Management, 2021, pp. Forthcoming, (Equal contribution)
Pu J., Chen Y., Qiu L., Cheng H. K., "Does Identity Disclosure Help or Hurt User Content Generation? Social Presence, Inhibition, and Displacement Effects." Information Systems Research, vol. 31, no. 2, 2020, pp. 297-322
Qiu L., Cheng H. K., Pu J., "Hidden Profiles in Corporate Prediction Markets: The Impact of Public Information Precision and Social Interactions." MIS Quarterly, vol. 41, no. 4, 2017, pp. 1249-1273


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