Kristy Schenck

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Accounting, Clinical Associate Professor of Accounting

Department Accounting
Office Address 317 Business Building
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Ph D, Accounting, Pennsylvania State University, 2012

BS, Accounting, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2001

Courses Taught

ACCTG 472 – Int Fin Acctg II (3)
Off-balance-sheet financing; special issues in cost capitalization, liabilities, and equities; matching; funds flow statements; statement analysis; inflation accounting.

ACCTG 481 – Fin Anal Eval Dec (3)
An accounting based evaluation and decision making approach to analyzing financial statements by studying business and firm valuation. ACCTG 481 Financial Statement Analysis (3) The proposed course in financial statement analysis is structured to improve the student's ability to extract and interpret information from actual financial statements and to expose the student to how financial statement information is integrated into equity valuation and credit analysis. The course would not only rely upon textbook-based and lecture-based learning, but also emphasize case-based learning.The course will consist of two main sections. The first will deal with accounting and business analysis. This part will explore the types of financial information data typically available for publicly traded companies and introduce a model of the economic drivers of company performance. It would incorporate some technical accounting as well as some standards business economics/strategy concepts. Students will be forced to recast financial statements that they believe do not reflect the underlying economic state of the company. Financial reporting issues relating to revenue and expense recognition, leases and consolidations will be discussed.The other section of the course will deal with firm valuation. Students would be exposed to some standard approaches to equity valuation and the analysis activities underlying these approaches. Aspects of valuation that would be covered in this section of the course are financial ratio analysis, forecasting, pro-forma statements, cost of capital and valuation methods.The course will rely on lectures and extensive use of case studies.

ACCTG 440 – Adv Mngmt Acctg (3)
Management accounting topics such as decision models, quantitative techniques, variance analysis, and their use in accounting. ACCTG 440 Advanced Management Accounting (3) An in-depth examination of accounting techniques used within modern organizations. The course is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in corporate accounting or financial management. The portfolio of managerial accounting procedures, including cost measurement and allocation, budgeting practices, transfer pricing, and variance analyses appropriate to an organization’s unique circumstances are derived. The student will learn to apply psychological and sociological theories of behavior to practical problems of control and to apply quantitative methods and models to managerial decision-making. Other topics covered by the course may include, financial management of working capital, long-term assets and liabilities; techniques for managing inventory; and strategic cost management including inter-organizational cost management.