Kurt H. Gee

Color portrait of Kurt H. Gee

Assistant Professor

Department Accounting
Office Address 375 Business Building
Email Address kurthgee@psu.edu

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Ph D, Accounting, Stanford University, 2018

BA, Economics, Brigham Young University, 2013

BS, Accounting, Brigham Young University, 2013

MAcc -- Masters of Accountancy, Professional Accountancy, Brigham Young University, 2013

Courses Taught

This course examines the accounting for complex business transactions with an emphasis on understanding the "why", rather than exclusively the "how". There is a focus on the economic substance of transactions and developing a deep understanding of the Financial Accounting Standards Board Conceptual Framework. This enables one to analyze the consistency of current financial reporting standards within a conceptual framework while considering alternative accounting treatments that can better reflect the economic substance of transactions. An overview of the conceptual and practical issues surrounding the accounting for investments, fair values, business combinations, consolidation of financial statements, structured transactions, derivatives, and hedging activities and foreign operations will also be covered with the intent for developing an awareness of academic research related to the economics of and accounting for complex business transactions.

ACCTG 471 – Int Fin Acctg I (3)
Theory and practice issues in income concepts and value measurement; GAAP; revenues, costs, assets, liabilities, and equities.ACCTG 471 Intermediate Accounting I (3) This course provides students with an understanding of generally accepted accounting principles and procedures so that they properly account for and present information in financial statements prepared for external users. The student should acquire a complete understanding of the accounting issues relating to cash, receivables, inventory, plant assets, natural resources, and intangibles. The student should be able to evaluate alternative accounting methods and choose the methods which will best convey the financial information related to the above areas. The student should be able to apply appropriate generally accepted accounting principles and procedures to account for transactions related to the above asset areas. The student should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the transaction analysis, recording, classification, summarization, and reporting procedures in the accounting cycle, and an understanding of the information contained in the financial statements. Finally, student should be able to demonstrate written communication skills required of accountants.

Selected Publications

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Research Impact and Media Mentions

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