Lu Huang

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Assistant Clinical Professor

Department Supply Chain & Information Systems

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BAN 831 – Data Visualization for Bus (3)
Given society's ever-expanding ability to collect and store vast amounts of transactional, performance, and financial data, business analysts and leaders need the capability to recognize patterns in and transform raw data into actionable business intelligence. Designed for recent graduates with little to no professional experience, BAN 831 expands upon the data visualization concepts covered in BAN 830 by exploring a variety of advanced data visualization techniques focused on "big data" sets derived from marketing, finance, accounting, supply chain management, and other business-related scenarios. Using the latest data visualization software applications, business students will focus on the development of dashboards and scorecards useful for translating structured and unstructured business performance data into decision-ready knowledge. The course will prepare business analysts by exploring techniques for visualizing data from sales transactions, social media, marketing surveys, financial records, and other sources in support of fact-based decision making. An emphasis will be placed on the nuances specific to decision making in various business areas. Software packages, concepts, and business applications will vary and evolve to keep pace with technology, theory, and instructor interest.

MIS 446 – It Bus Strat (3)
Provide student with broad understanding of global information systems utilization and management in modern organizations.