Steve F. Tracey

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Executive Director for Center Supply Chain Research and Penn State Executive Programs, Professor of Practice & Executive Director of the Center for Supply Chain Research of Center for Supply Chain Research

Department Supply Chain & Information Systems
Office Address 488B Center for Supply Chain Research
Phone Number 814-867-5860
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Steve Tracey is the current executive director for both the Center for Supply Chain Research (CSCR) and Penn State Executive Programs, and a Professor of Practice for the Supply Chain and Information Systems Department within the Smeal College of Business.

For almost three decades CSCR has successfully built a community of researchers and leading organizations in both the private and public sectors to further the supply chain discipline and provide the very best in research, executive education, symposia, and talent development. In Tracey's CSCR leadership role, he is responsible for the vision of one of Smeal's premier research centers as an ambassador and spokesperson for supply chain activities at Penn State. During his tenure as executive director, he has elevated CSCR's sponsor partnerships with both public and private sector organizations representing over $2.3T in private sector revenue. Through collaboration with the nationally top ranked Department of Supply Chain and Information Systems faculty within Smeal and CSCR Corporate Sponsors, Tracey promotes meaningful and progressive supply chain research for industry-specific application and defines research strategy and programs.

Penn State Executive Programs, also within Smeal, has delivered award-winning open enrollment and customized executive education programs for over 50 years, both in the classroom and most recently, through leading edge virtual platforms. As Executive Director, Tracey leads an elite team of internationally recognized faculty, researchers, consultants, authors and thought leaders offering individuals and organizations deep expertise, relevant content, and effective learning models across multiple areas of focus with particular emphasis on leadership and strategy, general management, and supply chain. He heads business development for national and global client organizations providing program design and delivery of customized learning solutions with measurable results that align with strategic business goals while addressing the challenges and opportunities within the client's unique business context.

As a Professor of Practice of Supply Chain Management in the Supply Chain and Information Systems Department within Smeal, Tracey delivers curriculum reflecting his extensive background in operations and finance to Penn State Smeal College of Business undergraduate and graduate students. He also connects with broad industry and public sector audiences through his teaching in Penn State Executive Programs and representing CSCR at industry events and conferences.

Tracey has a diverse global background directing operations with full P&L responsibilities in more than 14 countries and is considered a commodity market expert in the Textile industry. Prior to joining Penn State Smeal, Tracey was the senior vice-president of Global Supply Chain at Standard Textile Company, the world's largest marketer and manufacturer of institutional textiles.

Tracey's teams at Standard Textile were responsible for the global sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and logistics operations of the company. As a champion for developing talent and creating high performing teams, Tracey's group was instrumental in implementing forward-looking processes to manage Standard Textile's service levels and operations to world-class standards. His teams were consistently recognized as the best-in-class textile industry provider.

As an enterprise strategist, he designed and implemented the organizational structures needed for a high performance, integrated global supply chain and developed an elite leadership team for the company's rapidly expanding operations. For the time he was at Standard Textile, the company had a CAGR in excess of 12%.

Prior to joining Standard Textile, Tracey was the director of Materials and Distribution for American Tool Companies, Inc., a global market leader in the manufacture of hand tools and hand tool accessories.

Tracey currently serves as a director on the boards of Storyteller FX, MCOR and the Penn State Health - Center for Medical Innovation. He is also an active member of AAASCM, and CSCMP, where he is on the research strategies committee.

He is a retired U.S. Army officer, serving from 1986 to 2002, both in active duty and reserve positions.


Supply Chain Strategic Planning and Implementation

Global Enterprise Leadership

Senior Executive Coaching and Development

Succession Planning

Strong P&L Management


Process Improvement/Efficiency - Lean Manufacturing, 5S+1

Process and Product Innovation

Current Research:

Healthcare Supply, Distribution and Inventory Systems (working paper).

Reusable Meical Device Supply Chains in a Pandemic Setting (working paper).

Purdum, S., Tracey, S., Ruamsook, K. (2020, June). Exploring the Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on Supply Chain Mobility – The Transport and Logistics Industry’s Balancing Act of Keeping People Safe and Goods Moving

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Ruamsook, K., Tracey, S., (2015, July). The Natural Gas Supply Chain - An Integrated Process Framework

Publication List

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Recent Speaking Engagements

Tracey. S., Sultemeier, C., et al (2017, July). Expeditionary Sustainment Superiority from Factory to Foxhole: Back to the Basics of Blocking and Tackling - The Association of the United States Army Institute of Land Warfare: Arlington, VA

Tracey, S. (2017, January). Got Best Practices in MRO Management? (S. Avery, Interviewer)

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Tracey, S., Bechtel, L. (2016, February 9). APICS - CPIM - A Professional Certification Comparison. State College, PA.


Innovative supply-chain technologies
Global business activities


MBA, Global Business, Duke University, 2008

MBA, Global Business, Duke University, 2008

BS, Finance (Economics / Accounting), The Pennsylvania State University, 1986

Courses Taught

SCM 404 – Dem Fulfil (3)
Analysis of demand fulfillment and the role of distribution operations management in the supply chain. SCM 404 Demand Fulfillment (3)This course introduces the student to how customer demand is managed and how subsequent orders are filled in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets. Topics focus on the demand fulfillment process, which encompasses flows of goods, information, and funds from the moment a business receives an order from a customer until all requirements for the order are satisfied in full. These topics include: *role of demand management and distribution operations in the supply chain*transportation management*distribution center processes *inventory control and order management elements*facility costing and productivity analysis*strategic demand management and distribution operations issues in the supply chain.Both theoretical and quantitative perspectives will be offered on these topics. Additionally, each topic will be addressed from strategic and financial perspectives. After completing this course, students will have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to: *Explain the role of demand management in the supply chain*Explain the role of distribution operations in demand management*Determine the strategic and financial impacts of demand management and distribution operations management*Articulate the role of information systems in demand management and distribution operations management*Use quantitative techniques to analyze supply chain processes*Describe related system software. This is one of three prescribed foundation courses for the Supply Chain and Information Systems major for which SCM 301 Supply Chain Management is a prerequisite. This course also satisfies the prerequisite for SCM 421 Supply Chain Modeling and Analysis. Student evaluations are based on individual and group homework assignments and computer-lab exercises, as well as on at least three written examinations.

SCM 546 – Strat Procuremnt (2)
Development of procurement and supply management strategies to support synchronized supply chains.

SCM 496 – Indep Studies (Variable)
Creative projects, including research and design, that are supervised on an individual basis and that fall outside the scope of formal courses.

SC&IS 820 – Strategic Procurement
SCM 820: Strategic Procurement – Analysis, planning, and management of domestic and international procurement and supply activities. SCM 820 provides an overview of supply management in the supply chain context.

SCM 820 – Strategic Procurement (4)
Strategic planning for the source/buy process, including developing andmanaging supplier relationships, global issues, and e-procurement.

Selected Publications

Tracey S., Langley J., Ruamsook K., "Supply Chain Management in the Age of AI Revolution." 2019
Tracey S., Todd A., "Must-Know Supply Chain Trends for CEOs." 2018
Tracey S., "Got Best Practices in MRO Management." 2017
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