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Assistant Professor, Assisting in launching Eye-tracking lab in Smeal College of Business, Smeal College of Business Advisory Board for Academic Databases and Computation

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PhD, Business, Quantitative Marketing, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2022

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In recent years, marketing has dramatically shifted from traditional (e.g., commercial, print advertising) to digital using technologies such as the Internet, social media, augmented reality, mobile, Internet of Things, and wearables. This course will introduce students to the changing landscape of marketing through a digital marketing perspective. Major topics covered are digital marketing themes, communication platforms, content marketing, digital advertising, real-time marketing, marketing automation, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), social media, mobile, video, digital technologies, and measurement.This course helps students understand, and evaluate the digital marketing landscape to aid in effective marketing campaigns. Students will learn the fundamentals, frameworks and useful concepts developed specifically for digital platforms. How core marketing and business principles (i.e. segmentation, marketing mix, commerce) are used or have been altered will be discussed. Case studies and examples of successful and failed campaigns will be analyzed. The course utilizes group work assignments to create and present a digital marketing plan of a company, brand or specific product/service. Last, there is a large emphasis on including guest speakers from the industry.

Data-driven marketing is essential for today's business success. MKTG 811 prepares students with the fundamental skills to successfully leverage marketing data in business decision making and strategy. Students will learn how to map data to marketing challenges, apply basic statistics to marketing analyses, report results in meaningful ways, and support organizations in effectively leveraging marketing data. Special emphasis is given to translating data into meaningful and actionable business insights. This course does not assume any prior knowledge in statistics.