Wael Jabr

Color portrait of Wael Jabr

Assistant Professor

Department Supply Chain & Information Systems
Office Address 447A Business Building
Email Address wjabr@psu.edu

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I am currently Assistant Professor of Supply Chain and Information Systems at the Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University. I earned my PhD in Management Science from the Information Systems and Operation Management department at the University of Texas at Dallas’ Jindal School of Management.


My research is largely empirical and uses a variety of analytics tool, with some of my more recent work extending into more analytical approaches. Thematically, I center my research along three themes that are core to the IS discipline. The first theme investigates information-rich platforms. Here, I analyze the platform’s infomediary role (as in online review platforms) and the implications of the various platform display aspects on its success. I also study the more active role that platforms play in shaping customers’ subsequent interactions (as in online shopping). The second theme studies the role that IS plays in shaping politics through the use of social media. The third theme focuses on financial technology firms and investigates their performance. I investigate the role of innovation when those firms are IT-intensive and study the role of fintech firms in promoting social trading as an alternative to traditional trading.

Courses Taught

BA 840 – BUS DATA MGMT (3)
Business Data Management will enable students to use various database designs to acquire the information needed to make effective business decisions. Successful students will be able to design, create, and implement a relational database and be able to write SQL statements to obtain information from a database. In addition, students will investigate the next generation approaches for storing, manipulating, and managing web data in unstructured formats. Students will gain an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages among XML, NoSQL, NewSQL, and Relational databases. After successfully completing this course, students will have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to:- structure a database, configure it, perform analysis within it, and report from it- have adequate understanding of SQL to retrieve data from a database using SQL query language- design a database system including an ER Model and a UML class diagram, and implement the design in an enterprise databaseapplication- understand NoSQL databases, XML native databases, NewSQL databases, and the advantages and disadvantages of thesedatabases.

Selected Publications

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