Keisha Nichols

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Associate Clinical Professor

Department Marketing

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Doctorate of Business Administration, Georgia State University, 2013

Master of Business Administration, Jacksonville University, 2009

Bachelor of Science, Gwynedd Mercy University, 2004

Courses Taught

MKTG 450W – Marketing Strategy (3)
Market-oriented problems of the firm; identification and selection of market opportunities; formulation of competitive strategies; marketing policies and programs.

MKTG 445 – Global Marketing (3)
Role of international marketing in the global environment; political, economic, geographic, historical, cultural conditions; developing and implementing international marketing strategies. MKTG (I B) 445 Global Marketing (3) (IL) MKTG/I B 445 focuses on the wide range of issues, which face enterprises as they develop and execute marketing strategies and tactics, designed to support business activities in markets outside their home country. This course deals directly with these issues as they apply to firms, which concentrate on a few markets closer to home, or on many markets throughout the world, including via the Internet. This course also deals with the important role played by governments in shaping the global marketing environment, including through trade policies, treaties and marketing supports. Students successfully completing this course also gain a greater understanding of the cultural, technological, economic, political and social environments which international businesses and global marketers face as they seek to expand their product and/or service offerings into other nations. Understanding this important part of the challenge facing international businesses and global marketers is achieved through the text, lectures, and student group projects and presentations including some focused on specific countries, including both major trading partners of the United States and select emerging new markets. This course is designed for students who have an interest in these topics and/or who plan to enter fields such as international business or global marketing and/or who expect to work for businesses, which are active internationally. Class discussions and projects are designed to help students explore these topics in greater depth. A series of small group assignments and presentations will further help students apply what is being learned via problem-based learning. This is an interactive class. Therefore, a portion of the grade each student achieves will be based on class attendance and participation. Students are also expected to pay attention to examples of the issues discussed in class that they encounter during the semester in prim broadcast, and online communications. Along with material from lectures and the text, issues discussed in class will be included in the exam.