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Professor, Director of Institute for the Study of Business Markets

Department Marketing
Office Address 435 435 Business Buildingg
Phone Number 814-867-0226
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B2B Marketing, Interorganizational Relationships, Innovation, networks


Ph D, Marketing, Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2003

MA, Marketing, University of Ghent, 1998

BA, Marketing, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 1997

Courses Taught

MKTG 533 – Business Marketing (2)
Study of marketing of goods and services to business, institutions, and government.

MKTG 556 – Mktg Mgmt (3)
To explore the conceptual and applied dimensions of marketing management. MKTG 556 Marketing Management (3)This course is a seminar course, so class involvement will be a major component. In addition, students will be expected to prepare two papers. The first will be a journal submission review; the second will be the written version of each student's research proposal. Academics need to understand journal reviewing, and they need to develop research ideas and write about them. Students will also be expected to prepare and perform two oral presentations. The first will be the presentation discussed in the session description below and will be a part of their class participation. The second will be an oral form of the student's research presentation. Students need to be able to communicate their ideas, and it is hoped that having an oral presentation of their proposals before the written presentation will also help them improve their proposal. Finally, there will be an examination at the end of the course. Each class session, with the exception of the first and last class periods, will be devoted to an important topic in the marketing management domain. For each class period, other than the two exceptions, students will read around 7 papers. The papers will be a mix of classical, seminal works and recent, cutting-edge works in the assigned area. The bulk of the class period will be devoted to discussion of the articles assigned. Discussion will be devoted to a) why the article is important, b) good points of the article, c) bad points of the article, and d) research ideas that the article might suggest or engender. In addition, one student per week will be responsible to find, prepare, and present another published paper that deals with the weeks' issues ; this presentation will be part of the student's participation grade. The last few minutes of each class will be devoted to a discussion by the instructors of where research in the assigned area is going and some interesting open research questions in the area. The two exceptions among the class periods will be the first and last class. In the first class, we will have an introduction to research in marketing management and this particular Ph.D. seminar, while the last class will be devoted to allowing the remaining students to present their research proposals.

MKTG 571 – Marketing Strategy (2)
Examines business-level marketing issues and solutions to problems in competitive business environments.

MKTG 590 – Colloquium (2)
Continuing seminars that consist of a series of individual lectures by faculty, students, or outside speakers.

MKTG 450 – Marketing Strategy (3)
Market-oriented problems of the firm; identification and selection of market opportunities; formulation of competitive strategies; marketing policies and programs.

MTKG 450 – Marketing Strategy (3)
Market-oriented problems of the firm; identification and selection of market opportunities; formulation of competitive strategies; marketing policies and programs.

Selected Publications

WUYTS S., Mooi E., "Value from Technology Licensing--The Role of Monitoring and Licensing Experience." International Journal of Research in Marketing, vol. 38, no. 4, 2021, pp. 1034-1054
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Slot J., Wuyts S., Geyskens I., "Does customer participation in outsourced NPD help or hurt? The role of relationship multiplexity." Journal of Operations Management


International Journal of Research in Marketing, Associate Editor, January 2019 - Present
Journal of Marketing, Associate Editor, July 2018 - Present
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Associate Editor, September 2017 - Present