Olga Pak

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Supply Chain & Information Systems, Visiting Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management

Department Supply Chain & Information Systems

Email Address ovp5056@spu.edu

Courses Taught

SCM 301 – Sup Chn Mgt (3)
Management of logistics/supply chain processes. Not available to baccalaureate business students in Smeal. Not available to baccalaureate business students in Smeal.

Introduction to Problem Solving with Spreadsheet Analysis and Information Systems Management introduces students to the use of information technologies for business problem solving and decision-making. This course explores the application of spreadsheet engineering concepts and principles of data management, business modeling, and reporting to business problems. Students demonstrate their understanding and mastery of these concepts through their application in examinations, practical lab exercises and assignments. Concepts are contextualized in a broader discussion of information systems management including: data security, ethical issues, social media, distributed (cloud) services, and emerging trends.The structure of this course intends to provide a well-rounded level of competency in the use of spreadsheet software as a tool while exploring problem decomposition and solution planning and construction. Therefore, the focus of the course is on developing problem-solving strategies while gaining insight on the tactical use of spreadsheets.